A frantic call from your sister, “I haven’t heard from Mom all day, she’s not answering her phone!”  You’re out of town or at least a town away.  It’s a helpless feeling as you wait to hear any news.

With advances in personal security one of the products Canadian Monitoring Services is very excited about is one that provides a higher level of security for individuals at risk.  Seniors, Nurses, Care Aids and those living alone can now have added security through a personal device that is tracked by GPS.  Different from a phone app, these devices are worn with a secure locking system.  Not easily removed or left behind,  a waterproof and discrete personal monitoring device is a unique way to track those that might be at risk.

Personal Security Monitored By GPS


Imagine Mom out for a walk.  She falls, or has a medical emergency.  Even if she is unconscious, medical attendants can alert you by activating the device to let you know there has been an incident.  The device is smart and simple to use, offering several options to the user for different scenarios.  If Mom falls at home, it actually registers the fall and prompts you, our monitoring service and the wearer to indicate the event so that proper help is on the way.


High Risk Jobs

A great way to provide added security to those that work in high risk jobs, like nurses and care aids. Anyone working where they are required to be one on one with clients can benefit from the added security and peace of mind that a personal security device allows. As that persons partner, or as a supervisor responsible for a team with an elevated risk, these devices are invaluable to not only the individuals wearing them but those around them as well.

Canadian Monitoring Services is locally owned and locally operated right here in the Lower Mainland.  Offering a high level of personable customer service.  With an understanding of what the real concerns are of people living alone or working in challenging positions.  CMS can walk you through the process and help you choose and set up a device that not only ensures the safety of the wearer but peace of mind for those that care.  Call CMS today to talk about Personal Security Devices and see what kind of peace of mind they can offer you and your loved ones.