Walk into any electronic store and the evolution of technology hits you square on. There is an app for everything and for everyone. The home monitoring department is nothing but overwhelming and there is new technology everyday for common everyday things, including controlling your home and other personal items from your phone or laptop. You can see who is at your front door from the comfort of your office, you can check on your dog throughout the day – even chat with him. Alter the temperature in your home and and just in case the kids forgot their keys, you can let them in remotely after school.



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It is all kinda cool and yet very overwhelming at the same time. Where do you start? What if you aren’t super tech savvy, or what if you just really don’t get it? Understanding something, and understanding the underlying need for something are quite often two different things. So don’t let all the tech talk scare you off. Canadian Monitoring Services can walk you through the process of home security options and help you decide which unique features in a security system you feel you need, and which ones are not necessary. Then you can leave the technical stuff to them.


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Canadian Monitoring Services is a locally owned and locally operated. They understand the personal side of business and are more than able to spend the time walking you through the process of your home security needs, making it simple and seamless for you. Providing personal service during the set up and decision making process and then walking you through the monitoring side of your new system is a high priority for Canadian Monitoring Services, and something that is very integral to the high standard of customer service CMS provides.


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Locally owned, locally operated, Canadian Monitoring Services, an affordable reliable home monitoring service right here in the Fraser Valley and surrounding areas.